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How to Make Your Own Herbal Spice Smoke Blends

by on Dec.01, 2010, under herbal smoke blends, Recipes

Learn the secrets used to make Herbal Smoke Blends


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Discover how to make your own effective, 100% legal and safe herbal spice smoke blends for personal use or just make them for the fun of it. In today’s market, it is real easy to accidentally get your hands on some powerful and dangerous herbal blends. Some of them are not even legal even though the packaging states otherwise. Some contain very dangerous chemicals and still claim to be 100% natural. The only way to have a 100% legal, yet effective and safe herbal smoke blend is to actually make it yourself. The herbs are relatively cheap and easy to find, especially with the internet as a resource for connections. There is a lot to know about each ingredient that goes into an herbal blend. These secret ingredients have been guarded from the general public to make a select few companies rich… very rich. I will demonstrate how you can get creative and design the perfect herbal smoke blend for your personal needs the safe and legal way.

Why pay outrageous prices for herbal smoke blends when you can make a kilo of fresh herbal smoke blend for the same price? The herbal smoke industry has been guarding their secret recipes for nearly 20 years! Well, it is about time to let the cat out of the bag. Catnip that is! We will cover the secret herbal alchemy that makes these blends effective and popular. Some of the herbal smoke products available on the market have some very questionable ingredients. You will be surprised and may decide to stop buying the commercial herbal smokes and start making your own. Not just because you can, not just because it’s dirt cheap, but because it is a lot safe

Learn the secrets used to make Herbal Smoke Blends

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International Oddities – Black Widow Review

by on Nov.27, 2009, under herbal smoke blends, Lucid Dreaming

When we are busy blending our own blends, we rely on this blend to get us by… International Oddities – Black Widow. This bud is very moist in resin, VERY BUTTERED UP as we like to say. It is a smooth juicy smoke best enjoyed like high quality pipe tobacco.

Black Widow is perfect in a water pipe for a long lasting slow smooth smoke. Also try in a regular pipe or hooka. Not very friendly with papers due to the moist resin soaking the buds

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International Oddities

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Frozen Fire Island Kava Mojito Cocktail

by on Feb.11, 2009, under Kava, Recipes

When it’s time to relax and chill, nothing is as cool, refreshing and relaxing than a Frozen Fire Island Kava Mojito Cocktail. This non-alcoholic beverage with a kick only takes 5 mins to prepare thanks to the Instant Fire Island Kava! A unique kava product made from evaporated kava juice. Also to make this as simple as possible we are using the Bacardi Frozen Mix in a can.

1. Pour the can of frozen Bacardi Mojito mix into a blender
2. Pour 1 can of water into the blender
3. Add 1 oz of Instant Fire Island Kava Powder
4. Blend on High for 2-3 mins
5. Splash with 1 can of Club Soda
6. Serve over ice with a lime garnish (fresh mint optional)

Serves 5 high strength kava cockatails. Shared between 2-3 people is best

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Frozen Fire Island Kavarita Cocktail

by on Feb.11, 2009, under Kava, Recipes

What’s better than a margarita? A relaxing Frozen Fire Island Kavarita Cocktail. This non-alcoholic beverage with a kick only takes 5 mins to prepare thanks to the Instant Fire Island Kava! A unique kava product made from evaporated kava juice. Also to make this as simple as possible we are using the Frozen Bacardi Mixer in a can.

1. Pour the can of frozen Bacardi Mixer Margarita mix into a blender
2. Pour 1 can of water into the blender
3. Add 1 oz of Instant Fire Island Kava Powder
4. Blend on High for 2-3 mins
5. Splash with 1 can of Club Soda
6. Serve over ice with a lime garnish

Serves 5 high strength kava cockatails. Shared between 2-3 people is best.

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Homemade Kava Drink Recipe

by on Feb.03, 2009, under Kava, Recipes

What you will need:

1. Kava Root (use only fresh raw kava root)
2. cloth strainers
3. soy lecithin (optional)
4. big bowl or pot
5. blender (optional)
6. warm water (not hot)
7. time

1. Put kava (about 1 table spoon per drink)
2. Put a dash of soy lecithin (milk or veg oil works too, you just want to add a little fat for the kavalactones to attach to)
3. Put half a cup of water per tablespoon of kava
4. Let soak for 20-30 mins (you want the root to loosen up so the kavalactones can be released easily.
5. After soaking, it is best to add this mixture to a blender. But this is optional. But if you want the best out of your kava, blend it for about 30 secs on medium or low
6. Pour kava into the cloth strainers (I use 2 to keep them from ripping when I squeeze out the kava juice.
7. Squeeze out all of the juice unti the root is dry, occasionally dip the root back in the juices and re-soak it, knead it and squeeze all the juice out until the root is completely dry again.
8. Rinse out the cloth strainers really good and clean and discard the root.
9. Pour the juice though the strainer one more time, this time do not squeeze much, your just trying to get the plant material and kava chunks out of the juice.
10. Drink immediately or funnel into glass bottles and refridgerate.

I personally like to just pour shots of kava juice and a splash of sprite like just like a highball drink for flavor. Root beer is also tasty. Do not add to hot drinks, kavalactones burn up easily. Milk is good with kava, the fat in the milk helps bond with the kavalactones. Sometimes I make a chocolate milk with a shot of kava.

Kava isn’t the best tasting thing in the world. In fact to some people it is really bad tasting and yet some people like it. The majority of people out there will NOT like it. But kava drinkers do not drink kava for the taste. We drink it for the health benefits and effects it gives. It will make your mouth numb. And is a lot of fun as well. It will make most people sleepy, do not operate machinery or drive under the influence of good kava. And most important of all, ONLY USE FRESH RAW GROUND HIGH QUALITY KAVA ROOT! Using other parts of the kava plant can cause liver toxicity. The root is safe. Be sure to get your root from a reputable source. Like us! We only sell the freshest rawest, highest quality 100% kava root!

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by on Jan.31, 2009, under Kava

KAVA plays an essential role in the daily lives of many Pacific Islanders. Often thought of as one of the most precious gifts of the earth, it is a pleasant drink that can be used safely as an alternative to alcohol. Kava is a well known ‘folk-remedy’ to many Islanders and is used by tribal healers for it’s medicinal purposes. Ceremonial occasions are also marked with Kava such as weddings, festivals, holidays, and even funerals. It has become a status symbol in many cultures around the world and is still widely used in places like Fiji and Hawaii. Known as ‘AWA’ in Hawaii, native stories suggest the origin of Kava as being brought from the ancestral homeland of Kahiki (the ancestral homelands of various islands of lower and middle Polynesia), and was planted throughout the islands by gods Kane and Kanaloa.(Kane was the ancestor of the chiefs and commoners, forest, fresh water, sunlight and verdant growth; and Kanaloa was the Hawaiian god of the ocean, marine life, and healing. Some Fijian communities pound Kava root with a stone to make ‘yagona’ which may be passed around in a circle of gatherers by village elders using the sacred bowl or ‘tanoa’ . Each member of the circle then offers a toast ‘ Bula (meaning health or life). Traditionally a Kava drink or “tea” is prepared from the root (the only part of the plant that is used). The cloudy brew is made by pounding and grinding the root, a labor intensive task that is usually reserved for young eager males. Modern procedures usually involve power operated machinery such as a mulcher which turns the root into pulp. There are so many ways in which to drink your Kava but it is traditional to set a moment of the day aside “Kava time”, where a mood is set with friends and family to forget about your daily routines and sit back and relax. In the South Pacific Islands where coconut shells are abundant Kava is enjoyed from a shell but if a coconut shell isn’t handy it might be fun to use a special cup of your own choosing. Either way it is a time to share, appreciate and enjoy! So Drink up and Bula!          

See more here: 

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Kava – A Natural Remedy for Anxiety

by on Jan.30, 2009, under Kava

Did you know that Kava is a natural remedy for anxiety? Well it’s true, and has been for hundreds and hundreds of years! Now, we are not allowed to diagnose or treat your anxiety with kava due to FDA regulations. But we can share with you the common knowledge and personal experiences others have had with this magical herb. Please consult with your physician to determine if Kava is right for you and your personal situation. Now, first off Kava is NOT a drug, and in no way “drug like”. Kava effects people differently and the effects are not the same for all people who try kava, which is why the FDA has classified kava as a herbal supplement and not a drug.

The natural anxiety relief can only be obtained from raw, fresh, high quality  kava root. Finding a source for fresh, raw, high quality kava root can be difficult.  You can not get these natural effects from store bought kava products, for one… they are not fresh… for two, it is hard to keep a steady supply of fresh raw material in stock to do large manufacturing of kava products. The kava you buy in the store is absolutely worthless. You can only obtain the benefits of kava by purchasing fresh, raw, high quality kava root.

What Experts Say About Kava & Anxiety

“Clinical Studies have shown that kava and kavalactones are effective in the treatment of anxiety at sub clinical and clinical levels, anxiety associated with menopause and anxiety due to various medical conditions. Herbal Remedies, including kava ( Piper methysticum ), have been shown to be effective as alternative treatments, at least in mild to moderate cases of anxiety.” “Three studies have assessed the short-term effects of kava on anxiety related to medical condition.” These studies were done in Germany in 1989,1991, and 2000 respectively. “In the first, 59 anxious preoperative patients were given 300 mg of kava extract (equivalent to 60 mg of kavalactones) the night before and another 300 mg of kava an hour before their operation. When compared with the control group, those receiving kava had significantly lower levels of anxiety. In the second study, +/- kavain 600 mg/day significantly reduced depression associated with anxiety in 60 patients with tuberculosis or who were awaiting a confirmation of its diagnosis. In the third study, kava significantly reduced the anxiety and related depression of 20 patients who were awaiting the results of a biopsy for possible mammary carcinoma. These studies indicate that kava may be a potent short-term anxiolytic for anxiety and depression related to a medical condition. In summary, current data suggests that kava extracts produce clinically effective and superior control of anxiety symptoms when compared with placebo and possibly benzodiazepines. In these studies, the extracts did not have the serious adverse effects associated with the benzodiazepines and thus may offer a viable alternative treatment for anxiety.” All quoted information above taken from the following source with direct permission from Dr. Yadhu Singh himself- Y.N. Singh and N.N. Singh. 2002. Therapeutic potential of kava in the treatment of anxiety disorders. CNS Drugs, 16(11), 731-743.

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European Kava ban at its end

by on Jan.20, 2009, under Uncategorized

After six years, an agreement has been reached between south Pacific ambassadors and representatives and European delegates to lift the ban on kava. This long overdue move reopens the south Pacific kava market to European buyers. While always legal in the US, the kava market sharply declined in 2002, as Germany imposed a ban on kava products. Many other European nations followed suit.

With kava banned in Europe, there has been a hit to the economy in the south pacific. As Europe lifts its ban on kava, important markets will have the opportunity to grow and provide these south Pacific nations a highly sought after raw material.

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Instant Fire Island Kava Sprite

by on Jan.20, 2009, under Kava, Recipes

Our Kava supplier let us sample the Instant Fire Island Kava Powder this month. It was simply the best Kava product we have ever experienced. Or at least for me personally this has to be simply the sweetest tasting kava on the market. Yet, there are no additional sweeteners or ingredients. There is no need for them. The weirdest thing about this kava product is… everyone who reviewed it actually loves the taste. Even first time Kava drinkers commented on how they quickly developed a love to the unique flavor and light numbing sensation on their lips, mouth and throat.

We tried different recipes with this kava product, all of them were cold beverages. We tried kava chocolate milk, kava milk and others… but the favorite recipe for this product came out extremely simple and very “doable” anytime. Fire Island Kava Sprite.

1. 1 teaspoon of Instant Fire Island Kava Powder (5g)
2. Half a glass or cup of Sprite (the soft drink Sprite)

1. Drop the kava into the sprite
2. Stir. It will foam up real quick and fill the rest of the glass… keep stirring until the kava dissolves. That’s the nice thing about this instant kava. It actually dissolves in any cold beverage!
3. Drink!

It is best to take the kava sprite down quickly, but not too quickly unless you want the fuzzy stomach! This fuzzy stomach sensation will pass in a few mins. What your actually experiencing is the kava numbing your lips, mouth, throat and your stomach while the carbonation fizzes. Some people report feeling light headed for a couple moments along with an odd stomach feeling. But once you become a kava regular, this will no longer bother you at all!

Meantime, you will notice your anxiety levels drop almost instantly. This particular kava product metabolizes quickly and is almost an instant feeling. It also has a good level of pain killing qualities simular to taking over the counter pain pills. Most kava products make you wait half an hour or longer to take effect, but not this one! This particular recipe is best to use in the evenings, it may be a little to strong at times for day time use. You will also notice that your anxiety levels stay lowered for a day or 2 as well. And you will have solid sleep with excellent dream recall.

Some testimonials from people who sampled this product:

“It really didn’t taste bad at all! I slept well and wasn’t groggy in the morning!”

“I am starting to love the way it tastes, I also rub it on my sore tooth and gum directly and it immediately relieves the pain by numbing the area completely!”

Want to try it? Buy Instant Fire Island Kava – Click here

“I have been taking a glass of Instant Fire Kava each night… My sleep has been solid every night, my dreams deep and meaningful and I wake up fully rested! I even notice a HUGE improvement in my anger and anxiety disorder!”

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The Awakening in a Dream

by on Jan.18, 2009, under Lucid Dreaming

The first thing all shamans and lucid dreamers have to master is the “Awakening”. This occurs when a shift of consciousness takes place in the dreamer. Usually this is triggered by clues the dreamer has cued in their experience. Most random awakenings occur when you are doing something in your dream that you do a lot in your awake state. Some people tell you to look at your arm hairs, because you will not see them in your dream… but I don’t know… I am usually pretty good at fooling myself in these situations!

Personally, I chose meditation, levitation and some strong kava. Which kid of works in reverse. When I meditate in the my awake state… I imagine being able to levitate. I have spent many years practicing this meditation in hopes that one day I really will levitate! Meantime, I catch myself in a dream meditating and actually levitating, at this moment I awaken within the dream and now have full control, from changing the color of something to throwing things and people around with mind power. Full control. The kava helps relax the body enough to avoid physically waking up in the middle of the excitement.

Now it may take many years to reach this level of control apon the awakening, since usually you work your way up into “multi control power” meaning, you can control the environment as well as characters and events at the same time. Which requires a huge amount of concentration.

Speaking of concentration, this is where the practice comes in. I recommend meditation. Because it is actually a reversed form of concentration, it’s more like… you have to remain focused on non-concentration.

Upon an awakening many things occur. The first thing that happens is the shift of consciousness. Its just like coming out of a day dream in the middle of chaos. The excitement alone will shock your focus and you will lose the connection. I can remember many times upon awakening where I would be so excited that I would awaken physically.

So learning to remain relaxed and open when the awakening occurs helps, this give you time to adjust to the surroundings and situations. You can not let a single thought enter your mind. Once you do, the dream will crumble into chaos. You must be an observer. Try not to interact until you are fully aware and have been for at least 30 dream seconds. At this point, you are free to move around and try to manipulate your environment. Try changing a car or the sky a different color. It’s as simple as imagining it to be, and it shall be. If you meet resistance, this is an inner safe guard you will need to work on. The resistance comes from not believing you really can change the color. It’s a belief you have to work on over and over until it becomes easy to do on demand.

While in this awakening within the dream, I can confirm I am dreaming by levitating an object with my mind, or making myself levitate. This is the most enjoyable experience you can have in the dream realm.

In order to reach this level of consciousness within a dream. I can not express how much meditation and kava has helped, its easy to awaken in the dream, but if your body isn’t relaxed and your mind isn’t still… you will wake up, guaranteed.

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