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The Awakening in a Dream

by on Jan.18, 2009, under Lucid Dreaming

The first thing all shamans and lucid dreamers have to master is the “Awakening”. This occurs when a shift of consciousness takes place in the dreamer. Usually this is triggered by clues the dreamer has cued in their experience. Most random awakenings occur when you are doing something in your dream that you do a lot in your awake state. Some people tell you to look at your arm hairs, because you will not see them in your dream… but I don’t know… I am usually pretty good at fooling myself in these situations!

Personally, I chose meditation, levitation and some strong kava. Which kid of works in reverse. When I meditate in the my awake state… I imagine being able to levitate. I have spent many years practicing this meditation in hopes that one day I really will levitate! Meantime, I catch myself in a dream meditating and actually levitating, at this moment I awaken within the dream and now have full control, from changing the color of something to throwing things and people around with mind power. Full control. The kava helps relax the body enough to avoid physically waking up in the middle of the excitement.

Now it may take many years to reach this level of control apon the awakening, since usually you work your way up into “multi control power” meaning, you can control the environment as well as characters and events at the same time. Which requires a huge amount of concentration.

Speaking of concentration, this is where the practice comes in. I recommend meditation. Because it is actually a reversed form of concentration, it’s more like… you have to remain focused on non-concentration.

Upon an awakening many things occur. The first thing that happens is the shift of consciousness. Its just like coming out of a day dream in the middle of chaos. The excitement alone will shock your focus and you will lose the connection. I can remember many times upon awakening where I would be so excited that I would awaken physically.

So learning to remain relaxed and open when the awakening occurs helps, this give you time to adjust to the surroundings and situations. You can not let a single thought enter your mind. Once you do, the dream will crumble into chaos. You must be an observer. Try not to interact until you are fully aware and have been for at least 30 dream seconds. At this point, you are free to move around and try to manipulate your environment. Try changing a car or the sky a different color. It’s as simple as imagining it to be, and it shall be. If you meet resistance, this is an inner safe guard you will need to work on. The resistance comes from not believing you really can change the color. It’s a belief you have to work on over and over until it becomes easy to do on demand.

While in this awakening within the dream, I can confirm I am dreaming by levitating an object with my mind, or making myself levitate. This is the most enjoyable experience you can have in the dream realm.

In order to reach this level of consciousness within a dream. I can not express how much meditation and kava has helped, its easy to awaken in the dream, but if your body isn’t relaxed and your mind isn’t still… you will wake up, guaranteed.

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