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Instant Fire Island Kava Sprite

by on Jan.20, 2009, under Kava, Recipes

Our Kava supplier let us sample the Instant Fire Island Kava Powder this month. It was simply the best Kava product we have ever experienced. Or at least for me personally this has to be simply the sweetest tasting kava on the market. Yet, there are no additional sweeteners or ingredients. There is no need for them. The weirdest thing about this kava product is… everyone who reviewed it actually loves the taste. Even first time Kava drinkers commented on how they quickly developed a love to the unique flavor and light numbing sensation on their lips, mouth and throat.

We tried different recipes with this kava product, all of them were cold beverages. We tried kava chocolate milk, kava milk and others… but the favorite recipe for this product came out extremely simple and very “doable” anytime. Fire Island Kava Sprite.

1. 1 teaspoon of Instant Fire Island Kava Powder (5g)
2. Half a glass or cup of Sprite (the soft drink Sprite)

1. Drop the kava into the sprite
2. Stir. It will foam up real quick and fill the rest of the glass… keep stirring until the kava dissolves. That’s the nice thing about this instant kava. It actually dissolves in any cold beverage!
3. Drink!

It is best to take the kava sprite down quickly, but not too quickly unless you want the fuzzy stomach! This fuzzy stomach sensation will pass in a few mins. What your actually experiencing is the kava numbing your lips, mouth, throat and your stomach while the carbonation fizzes. Some people report feeling light headed for a couple moments along with an odd stomach feeling. But once you become a kava regular, this will no longer bother you at all!

Meantime, you will notice your anxiety levels drop almost instantly. This particular kava product metabolizes quickly and is almost an instant feeling. It also has a good level of pain killing qualities simular to taking over the counter pain pills. Most kava products make you wait half an hour or longer to take effect, but not this one! This particular recipe is best to use in the evenings, it may be a little to strong at times for day time use. You will also notice that your anxiety levels stay lowered for a day or 2 as well. And you will have solid sleep with excellent dream recall.

Some testimonials from people who sampled this product:

“It really didn’t taste bad at all! I slept well and wasn’t groggy in the morning!”

“I am starting to love the way it tastes, I also rub it on my sore tooth and gum directly and it immediately relieves the pain by numbing the area completely!”

Want to try it? Buy Instant Fire Island Kava – Click here

“I have been taking a glass of Instant Fire Kava each night… My sleep has been solid every night, my dreams deep and meaningful and I wake up fully rested! I even notice a HUGE improvement in my anger and anxiety disorder!”

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