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Homemade Kava Drink Recipe

by on Feb.03, 2009, under Kava, Recipes

What you will need:

1. Kava Root (use only fresh raw kava root)
2. cloth strainers
3. soy lecithin (optional)
4. big bowl or pot
5. blender (optional)
6. warm water (not hot)
7. time

1. Put kava (about 1 table spoon per drink)
2. Put a dash of soy lecithin (milk or veg oil works too, you just want to add a little fat for the kavalactones to attach to)
3. Put half a cup of water per tablespoon of kava
4. Let soak for 20-30 mins (you want the root to loosen up so the kavalactones can be released easily.
5. After soaking, it is best to add this mixture to a blender. But this is optional. But if you want the best out of your kava, blend it for about 30 secs on medium or low
6. Pour kava into the cloth strainers (I use 2 to keep them from ripping when I squeeze out the kava juice.
7. Squeeze out all of the juice unti the root is dry, occasionally dip the root back in the juices and re-soak it, knead it and squeeze all the juice out until the root is completely dry again.
8. Rinse out the cloth strainers really good and clean and discard the root.
9. Pour the juice though the strainer one more time, this time do not squeeze much, your just trying to get the plant material and kava chunks out of the juice.
10. Drink immediately or funnel into glass bottles and refridgerate.

I personally like to just pour shots of kava juice and a splash of sprite like just like a highball drink for flavor. Root beer is also tasty. Do not add to hot drinks, kavalactones burn up easily. Milk is good with kava, the fat in the milk helps bond with the kavalactones. Sometimes I make a chocolate milk with a shot of kava.

Kava isn’t the best tasting thing in the world. In fact to some people it is really bad tasting and yet some people like it. The majority of people out there will NOT like it. But kava drinkers do not drink kava for the taste. We drink it for the health benefits and effects it gives. It will make your mouth numb. And is a lot of fun as well. It will make most people sleepy, do not operate machinery or drive under the influence of good kava. And most important of all, ONLY USE FRESH RAW GROUND HIGH QUALITY KAVA ROOT! Using other parts of the kava plant can cause liver toxicity. The root is safe. Be sure to get your root from a reputable source. Like us! We only sell the freshest rawest, highest quality 100% kava root!

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